May 4, 2004

I passed my PT test! I sure had a hard time with the pushups though. The rest of the guys that tested today are not as tall as I am. We did the test on the gym floor and it is smooth concrete. They put down a carpet and did their pushups on there. They were able to get their hands and feet on the carpet… barely. I looked at it and said, no thanks, I’ll just do it on the concrete. Well, I started out okay, but near the end, I started to shake a little bit and that little bit of shaking made my feet start to slip around. It was so slippery, that I did two over my minimum and had to stop – I was a bit disappointed – I know I could have done more. I did okay on the sit-ups and very well on the run, but it was tiring. I will have to work on that.

I had packed all my clothes so that I could take a shower at the reserve center, but while I was running, I realized that I didn’t bring a towel with me.. so back it was to the reserve center for a shower.

During the day our unit commanding officer (CO) received several phone calls. He got one phone call from someone that said that our unit mission was going to change and that we were not going to do computer security, but help with the search for WMD. This was some big news to us! Can you image being told for months that you were going to do one thing for the next year and then being told that you are not and you can’t do anything about it? Well, he made a few phone calls and was assured that we would perform our mission as planned over the next year. This was a relief to all, but to me – it really does not matter. The Army has me to do whatever mission they want me to do. I just pray that we stay in the states. Especially after hearing that today the DOD says that they are going to send an additional 10,000 Army active duty soldiers and 37,000 Army reservists and nation guard to Iraq, we are happy to go to DC. We have no idea where the DOD is going to get these soldiers. I don’t know anyone in the reserves that has not been called up.

Let’s see… today we also had an admin person come down from our higher headquarters to review our files today – mine was in order. We also cleaned up the offices, organized so that everything looks pretty for the headquarters commander, a Brigadier General, also known as a one star. He will be here tomorrow for a mobilization ceremony. We will have folks here from the Red Cross and Tricare to talk to our families. Oh yeah… I get to see Holly tomorrow! She is bringing me my bags and we get to have an evening alone together. I guess I better get to bed – long day tomorrow!

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