May 11, 2004

Still Processing

Not much to report today. Monday we finished our medical processing and also flew through finance but learned that there is an issue with our entries in the computer in the personnel system. They corrected the erroneous information in the system and have been told that it takes 24-48 hours for the data to show up correctly. It did not happen today, we pray that it happens tomorrow. Yesterday we also did some stuff with legal and supply. Then near the end of the day, we managed to get a new room with a working fan, toilet and they even got the AC working in the entire building! We moved all our stuff into the new room and slept comfortably last night. It is good that we moved rooms… we were so hot Sunday night that we had to sleep with the door open and unlocked. We rigged the door with a homemade alarm system that we hoped would wake us if somebody opened the door wider than we set it. I didn’t sleep too well most of the night – I kept hearing strange sounds that kept waking me up. Last night was much better.

Today the enlisted men pulled new uniforms and other items. It was such a long wait – the poor but very nice lady that was helping us took so long because she would stop helping us to help her co-workers with their issues. She was very kind, but it took about 30 minutes for us to finish while the line behind us grew and grew. After that we had US Flags put on all our uniforms and I had everything sewed on my new uniforms. Right now we are all sitting in the ‘TV Room’ (with no TV in it) surfing the net. I am connected via dial-up and sharing it to everyone else wirelessly. We’re waiting for our clothes in the wash room to finish drying. After that, who knows what we’ll do… maybe play a game or something. With so much downtime and no wheels to go anywhere, it has been tough to keep busy. Tomorrow we don’t get busy until the afternoon. With any luck, we’ll finish personnel and be able to leave later this week.

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