May 26, 2004

Boring Weekend, New Hotel

This past weekend was boring. Saturday we moved to a different hotel in the Alexandria area. It is much closer to work, only 20 minutes instead of 45 now. The room is smaller, but I think it is comfortable. I have been sleeping much better here than at the other place. Sunday I slept in and searched for a new church. I did some research and found one! It is called CrosspointDC and is located in Arlington, which is close to where we will be living in a few weeks for the duration. Everyone was very friendly, the band was great and the pastor was humble but funny. I met lots of very nice people but am not entirely sold yet. CrosspointDC planted another church very close called BridgeWay242. I think I am going to check it out on Sunday to compare. What can I lose, right?

Monday we went back to the office. It was funny… I went through a lot of trouble last week getting new pants and getting my old and new ones altered. In the morning, I was getting dressed, put on my socks, pulled up my pants, grabbed my shoes and slipped one on my foot, except for one thing…. It was a size 8 instead of a 10.5!! Somehow, I had Del’s shoes and he had mine. But it wasn’t as easy as that, they got mixed up at Ft Hood and they were at his home in Texas! I was looking forward to wearing my Class B’s like everyone else, but that was out of the question. Del checked and found that my shoes were in fact in Texas. He had them shipped and they would arrive on Tuesday. We had a few meetings on Monday and were finished pretty early. I also learned that Kenny and I would work the 2nd shift from 1430 to 2300 for a few days. Good!! I get to sleep in for a few days! I took a drive to Ft Belvoir, which is a few miles south of where we are. It is a pretty nice post. I got a haircut (a very good one actually) a few things at the PX and some food at the Commissary... a very productive evening.

Tue I slept in very late and it felt so good. I have been so tired and it was nice to get some sleep. I left for the office at 1340 and hit some mega traffic! I didn’t get there until almost 1420 – it was no nice of them to repave in the middle of the day! We learned a lot while at work and I learned more about the building. Wed was more of the same, except the traffic was better. On a good note, I had dinner at the Air Force dining facility and it was really good... a full meal, a-la-cart for only $3.25. I was impressed. I might go there for dinner quite often! While I was sitting at a desk at the office, I watched the two helicopters that are Marine One take off and land several times. When I left for the night, I drive by the annex where they are located and watched one of them do some practice touch and go’s. I suppose they were trying to get their landing nice and soft for the president. Tomorrow we move back to a day shift and want to see what we can accomplish earlier in the day.

There is a lot of talk in the news here about the terrorists and how some might be in the US. Some of the guys are talking about going to the WWII memorial opening, but I think I am going to try to hit some of the sites away from the mall in the hopes that they will not be too crowded. And the biggest news of the night – the new American Idol is Fantasia, or as Simon says it, “Fan-tayy-seee-aah.” I love how he adds that extra syllable. I have never watched one of those shows, man it was a singing bonanza. Now I know why I don’t watch it very often.

I posted some new pictures to weeks two and three – check it out when you get a chance.

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