Jul 15, 2004

It looks like Blogger has added some new features to their website.

They have a new feature called blockquote. I have no idea what it looks like yet. I guess it moves text in like an indent or something.

And you can type in one window and it looks like just text with the HTML hidden. Then you can click on a tab and edit the HTML directly. Sorry - probably doesn't make any sense to you. And they have a new AudioBlogger feature where one can call a number and leave a blog over the phone if you can't get to a computer... Very interesting concept. Might have to test it soon.
I was looking for more memory for my MP3 player and found a 512mb SD card super cheap - $92 plus a $25 rebate. That's a really good price especially for a brand like Kingston. It will be good for the metro whenever I get my MetroChecks from the government. I bought one and also got free 2-day shipping. Bring on the tunes!
I also recently ordered some new contact lenses. I used to use Acuvue 2 but my opthomologist gave me a sample pair of Acuvue Advance. And let me tell you - they are the most comfortable lens I have ever worn. They feel like nothing and just hang on to moisture. I can't wait to get them! 
I went for a run last Friday and aggravated my lower left leg around my calf. Not exactly sure what did, but it still hurts. I called the medical clinic here on base to make an appt to get my leg looked at, but they said I had to come in to register for Tricare. Sooooo... I had to go in and fill out some paperwork and then they took my medical records. After all that was done, I was finally able to call and make an appt for Monday at 10:30am. I just want to make sure I didn't mess it up or something - and it's freeeee!
Tomorrow I am going to get up kinda' early and watch the Tour. Lance and the rest of the boys will hit the mountains big time. Lance should be making his move soon.

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