Jul 19, 2004

Lance is the KING of the mountains! He kicked butt over the weekend – recovering nine minutes and moving into second place, just 22 seconds away from first. They will hit the Alps this week – he should be able to move into first and keep it there. I just worry about Ivan Basso – he stayed on Lance’s wheel in the two mountain stages and could be a threat in the mountains. We will see!
I had to take my rental car to Enterprise just to check it in with them again. Then I went to Ft Myer to register my car so that I don’t have to be searched every time I drive onto am Army post. Then I drove down to Ft Belvoir to get a haircut and do some shopping. I picked up one of those Brita tap water filters. You know – the water out of the tap really does taste better! I also picked up some groceries and stuff. Then I went with Larry to grab some dinner. I had some sushi at a place called Café Asia. Then we walked too Whitlow’s on Wilson so he could get something to eat – he says he doesn’t eat sushi.
I had a great time at the concert on Saturday! I also met some really great people. I also found out that I should be going to the later service at church – that’s where the younger crowd is. So, I went to the later service and met a bunch more great people. It was a challenge for me to go to the later service as it ends at 12:40 or so and I usually need to leave for work by 13:15 – so I decided to go to church in my BDUs. I attracted lots of attention and many people came up to me to thank me for serving. I always like to thank them for supporting us. It all worked out… I had a few mins to stop by the apartment, pack up my lunch, and leave for work. I hope to be able to meet up with some of these new folks soon.
That’s it – nothing more to report. There are a lot of concerts coming to the area in the next few months. And I think I have decided to ship my bike out here. It looks like it might be a tad expensive, but it is a nice bike, and I would rather have it than buy a cheap one to use. Kenny might get a bike too – so I’ll have someone to ride with.
Oh yeah… I went to see a doctor today about my leg. She said it appears I have strained a muscle in there somewhere. She was able to tell me the name of the muscle – but it was a very long two word name. Basically, take 400mg ibuprofen twice a day and don’t run for a while. Maybe cycle or do the elliptical trainer. Then ease back into running. I need my bike!

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