Jul 22, 2004

Today is my Friday - I'm off tomorrow! I never thought I would look forward to Thursdays so much. My commander pulled me aside the other day to tell me that the branch chief was very happy with the work I have put in on a recent server install project. We hear that they may find more ways to use me for that type of work. I hope so - that kind of work is my favorite and my best.

On the Tour - Lance really showed how versatile he is today. Lance offered the stage win to his teammate, but the Germans wouldn't let him have it. Then when one of the Germans sped ahead and appeared to take the stage, Lance decided he was not going to give it to anyone and stole it away from him in the last 50 meters!! He deserves to win this year - he has outshined everybody.

Some of the folks that I met last weekend from Grace are going to listen to live jazz at the National Gallery of Art Sculpture gardens summer jazz series. I volunteered to pick up some snacks and get there early to stake out a spot. It rained tonight and might rain tomorrow. I hope it holds off in the evening.

So it has been a slow week... Work, sleep, tour, work, sleep, tour, work.... blah blah... Pretty boring week. I did get a chance to work out a few times this week. I'm riding the bike in the gym since I can't run for a few more weeks. My leg is feeling better, but it still hurts a little. Okay - I don't really have anything else new. I haven't really been anywhere and haven't even taken any pictures to post. I guess I am settling into a routine!

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