Jan 8, 2007

Happy *sniff* New Year

Happy New Year 2007 from Arlington, VA! And what a better way to bring in the first full week of the new year than with a nasty cold and trip to the emergency room for relief.

I started to feel a cold coming on last Thursday and it stayed pretty mild through the weekend. Last night (Sunday) my throat started to feel sore. I went to sleep and twice Holly woke me up to ask if I was okay. She said I was making a murmuring sound. After that, I felt like my throat would close up on me and I would struggle for a breath and it would wake me up immediately and scare me a bit. Well, I let that go on for two hours or so and I finally decided I had had enough torture. I got up and wandered around in the dark for a while, but I decided I wasn’t getting any better and I didn’t know why I felt that way either. So I finally broke down and woke Holly up and told her that we needed to go to the ER.

We drove through the drizzle to the ER at Bethesda and I tried my best to explain to the staff what I was feeling. I’m not quite sure I did a good job explaining how I felt though. The doc took an X-Ray of my throat and they also tested for strep, both were negative. They gave me a nebulizer of Albuterol to puff on for a while and then the doc told me that he was diagnosing me as having bronchospasm. I’m not exactly sure he was right, but whatever… I was feeling better.

We drove back home in a steady rain through some rush-hour traffic and made it home around 6am. We went back to sleep for a while but after a few hours, I felt like my throat was closing up again! Then I thought that I might be allergic to something in the apartment or something. I got up and took my allergy pill that I take every morning and I was able to go back to sleep. So, maybe this funky weather is just messing with my allergies or something?? I mean, it was a record high of 73 Saturday and then today we had rain, wind and temps dropping through the 40s. Tomorrow (Tuesday) it is supposed to only be 44 with a chance of more rain. Some of the cherry blossoms have started to bloom in the area. It’s just nuts for my body. Anyway, I have another appointment with a doctor at my primary clinic tomorrow just to follow up and get more meds to dry me out.

I’ve been having a hard time staying healthy recently. I think what I have been through is a big factor. And I have a lot of work to do at work and having to stay home is not good. I’m trying to get all of my work done and transitioned over before I leave. Please pray that I get better so that I can concentrate on wrapping things up here!

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