Feb 10, 2008

Amazing Message

Sorry to blog twice in one day, but I didn't expect to be so moved by tonight's message to blog again today. Although every week the message is great.

I started going to the 5pm and 7pm service at Austin Stone at the beginning of the year. They are experiencing overcrowding and parking issues during the morning services, so to help matters out they asked people to try out the evening services. They already expanded and took over the entire Austin High School gym, but there's still more people coming to the morning services. This is a problem most churches wish they had. It turns out I really like the 7pm service. It's more laid back and relaxed since there's no time constraints and it's way more free spirited. They kind of joke around that they like the 7pm service better because the congregation is more free spirited and I have to agree. We get down. Tonight's worship and message was amazing. Chris Tomlin was back to lead worship again. And it was more like a concert than usual. That place was full of the spirit. But what I thought was even better than a semi-private mini-concert by Chris Tomlin, his band and the other amazing singers on the worship team was the message. Tonight a pastoral intern for the church, Ronnie Smith, originally from Detroit, Michigan gave the message. We have been going through 1 Corinthians and he covered chapter two verses 6-10. And it was completely from God. That boy was on fire! He is on fire for the Lord. And he's only an intern. When he becomes a pastor, he's going to be a five alarm blaze. I totally needed that message tonight. I mean, it was awesome. You've got to listen to it. This was a message everyone needs. There's no way I can do his message justice, but to recap it was about the times when the wisdom of God doesn't dictate how we behave or act and there's only one remedy to overcome the wisdom of this world and that is really seeing and hearing Jesus Christ. Even though we know the Lord and see the Lord, there's a disconnect between seeing and knowing the true power and wisdom in the cross of Jesus Christ. He goes through the scripture verse by verse and explains what Paul is telling the church in Corinth which was having some issues. I highly recommend you listen to this message. If you think you know it all, don't have problems with succumbing to this world and don't need this message, you need it the most. Please, please, please find the time soon to listen. The message will probably be up late Monday. If anyone would like to check out the Austin Stone with me some Sunday for the 5pm or 7pm service, please let me know. I'd be more than happy to share this awesome church.

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