Feb 1, 2008

Another Loved One Affected By Cancer

Okay, I'm going to apologize now and only once for what you are about to read. I'm apologizing because this is not going to be lady like nor proper. But I don't know what it's going to take to get this message through. There's no other way to say this, so I'm just going to say it.

Ladies, look at your boobs. Feel your boobs. Check out your boobs. Get to know your boobs. If you aren't looking at them in the mirror when you get out of the shower, start doing it now. Please, please, do your monthly breast self-examinations. How are you going to know if something's going on with your boobs, if you don't know them! And as soon as you think something might not be right, go see a doctor. It doesn't hurt to be wrong. Guys, encourage the females in your life to take care of their boobs. If you're married, check your wife's boobs out with her. Make it fun. I don't care, just do it!

Our dear friend has Stage 3B Inflammatory Breast Cancer at 33 years of age. This was big in the news and spreading around in emails like crazy a few years ago. I haven't heard anything about it since. Don't stop talking about this. Cancer is not pretty nor fun. No one wants their loved ones to go through it. Please, please, please ladies, touch yourself for God's sake! Using light, medium and firm pressure in a circle without lifting your fingers off the skin, in an up and down pattern, for each breast, above and below the collarbone and your armpit.

Here are some links:
Breast Self Exam
Inflammatory Breast Cancer (same video I saw in June 2006)

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Anonymous said...

At the risk of sounding even more crude than Holly, please do check out your breasts.

As far as inflammatory breast cancer is concerned, there oftentimes are NOT lumps, more a rash or scaly area. It's pretty rare, frequently misdiagnosed, and many doctors are not familiar with this type of breast cancer, so make sure your doctor is listening to you and not just doodling on his/her notepad before prescribing an antibiotic.

Please, do us all a favor and save second base!