Apr 17, 2008

Nobody walks in LA...

Anyone remember that song? I forgot how much you ave to drive out here. Gas is up to $3.80 a gallon too! I'm having a great time... the weather is fantasic... and it is soooo good to see my friends and family again. From the airport Tuesday I went over to Yoki's house to pick her up for lunch. We also picked up Cassie along the way and went to a fabulous hole in the wall mexican joint in Hawaiian Gardens. In the afternoon I spent time with Cassie's family at her aunt's house. Yesterday I spent most of the day with my cousins and aunt in the valley. They've grown quite a bit in the past five years since I saw them last! We ate dinner together and are planning to spend Friday evening and Saturday hanging out. I'm going to to spend some time with friend Greg and Cassie today and then have dinner with friends Irene and Joanna this evening. And I seem to have caught a cold too... so I'm not running at 100% Darn public spaces like trains and shuttle buses. I need to remember to be more careful in the future. Please pray that I feel better as the week goes on. Click the pic below to see more pics.
LA Trip 015

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BIG T said...

The baby and Bobby are cyoote!