Apr 1, 2008

Two Weeks

It’s been two weeks since Roger returned home and we haven’t blogged because we have been so busy. (Sorry.) And so lazy at the same time. I don’t know what I’d do if I had a “real” job. It is truly a blessing that we get to spend so much time together right now. Although the majority of the time, it’s been a blessing, it has also been bad for my studying and homework habits. I lost my discipline, but I’m determined to get it back starting Thursday. I had a test today and was I not only behind on my reading, but started studying late. So I’m not sure how well I did on it. Thank goodness I know I got the bonus question right. With a 93 on the first exam and the plan to ace the last exam, it will help me make up for how bad I did on this exam. My only excuse, whether good or not, is that it’s been so hard to not hang out and sleep in late and stay up late and go do things with Roger. We have definitely been making up for lost time. I’d be in real trouble if I had a regular job. Thank you Lord I don’t. I’m sure my boss will not like reading this. But I am determined to get back to normal.

As for Roger being home, it’s been wonderful having a husband again. I had hoped he would blog before now, but he is, and will be for a while, in “vacation” mode. He’s so much in a vacation state of mind, he hasn’t shaved since his last day in uniform. He was trying to grow a Buddy beard, but there’s no way he can compete with Papa Bear. But now he’s ready to shave it. I’m going to take a picture of him before he shaves so you can all see what two and half weeks worth of no shaving looks like on Roger. Now back to us being together again, we are really enjoying it. After being away from home for four years, separated from your wife for two of those and living at Walter Reed Army Medical Center for almost a year of it, Roger loves being home. He loves it so much he almost never leaves, or gets out of bed. We do have a nice bed. And buying a new HDTV and gas grill has made it even harder for him to get away. But I don’t mind him being around. As you can tell from my studying predicament, I don’t mind one bit. We have been having fun and laughing lots again. Doing things together around our house is fun to us. We’re simple people. We have had a few “AHA!” moments. We are learning how to be married, communicate and be patient again. Those aren’t too fun, but very necessary. Make-up is always good. And prayer helps. :)

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