Feb 16, 2006

Arm Seizure Update

Hi all-

I wanted to send you a follow up to my last email since I had my MRI this morning. The MRI went well and was fast. It is amazing how fast and how much smaller the machines are these days - but they are still loud! And it is amazing that I had the MRI at a facility 30 miles away from my doc, but he was able to see the results instantly. I guess I should not be surprised - IT is my thang!

My follow-up appointment was scheduled for Mar 2, but the doctor's assistant called me this afternoon and wanted me to come in tomorrow (Fri), but I couldn't - so he's seeing me Tuesday at 8:30am. I guess it kinda freaks me out they he already saw the EEG and MRI and wants me to come in so quickly - my mind is thinking bad negative things. I know I should not jump to conclusions, but for the first time, I am sorta scared. I need prayers for peace (especially since Holly and I are supposed to have fun in NYC this weekend), courage and also prayers for these negative thoughts to leave my head. I just keep telling myself, Lord, you are with me... Heck, for all I know, he might just want to see me quickly to pass on some good news.

I have not had any seizures this week, but had an astounding six last Friday and about three on Saturday. So, are the meds working? Who knows - they sure do make me groggy though. I had to come to work late since I went to my appointment, and man, was it hard staying awake on the subway this morning. I probably looked like I was under the influence of some gooood drugs! Well anyway, have a good weekend... it is supposed to be very cold in NY this weekend. Highs Sunday in the 20's! I'll let you know what the doc says on Tuesday.


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