Feb 23, 2006

Getting Some Answers

Gosh – got a ton more emails from everyone. Thanks so much! Also, if you use AOL or Yahoo, you can click the link on the right there to add this to your homepage. A lot of people are subscribing to the email feed on the bottom of the page – welcome!

I got an email and call from Richard who suggested we get a second opinion just to make sure we are heading down the right path. This sounds like a good idea – I’m going to talk to our doctor about it to see if we can facilitate this ASAP. He suggested going to John Hopkins in Baltimore. What do you think? Post a comment below or send me an email.

We also heard from Tommy who is a former co-worker of Holly’s – he reminded us that Shannon (also a former co-worker) also had a surgery very similar to this just a few years ago. She shared some very interesting insights with us and we will be giving her a call this evening to talk about her experience.

Derek, one of our pastors from Grace Community Church, called me and I think we have a ride hooked up for my parents to get from BWI to the NNMC next Thursday. What a relief!

My Branch Chief called me this morning and everything at work is good. I got the letter from the doctor for work and he was happy with it. He assured me that they are 100% behind us.

I forgot to mention that Tuesday night we had three doctor friends come over to look at the MRI film, one was a Neurologist and all three seemed to agree with my Neurosurgeon’s findings. They had wonderful insight to share with us and it actually made us feel a lot better about the whole thing. Thanks to Paul, Diana, Su and also Dan.

Back to research and seeing about that second opinion.

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Anonymous said...

Roger- You are a master at information dissemination. As for the eye twitch, I used to get that whenever I was stressed (caffeine can make it worse too). It's funny to watch.
I think second opinions are great but you are going to need surgery one way or another. So you might want to see how quickly you can get seen at Hopkins..