Feb 22, 2006

Lots of emails!

I have been getting lots of emails from friends and family, and all we can say is thanks. Your kinds words are very encouraging to us both. I have not heard any information today that would indicate that our living situation is stable. I'm hoping that we'll be able to get it all sorted out tomorrow.

My parents will be flying into BWI on Thu Mar 2 at 1:55pm, but Holly and I will already be at the hospital. My dad says that he and my mom are willing to take the bus and metro to Bethesda NNMC, but anyone that would be able to pick them up at BWI and bring them to the hospital would be a great help. Please drop me a line if you can help us out.

I failed to mention in my earlier post that in addition to all this news, I have fighting a cold. We have been receiving a lot of phone calls and all the talking on the phone is making my voice very hoarse. So, I'm trying to stay off the phone as much as possible to save my voice for talking to military officials. And I've got a nice juicy cough too. I need to kick all of this before the surgery so that I'll be healthy for the recovery.

Also, I mentioned the eye twitch in an earlier post. The neurosurgeon asked me how long ago the twitch started. I said about three weeks ago. He then asked me when I started taking the anti-seizure medication. I said.. about... three weeks.. ago. He gave me that one eyebrow higher than the other look. I guess the two might be related.

Holly and I spent the evening sitting on the sofa watching the Olympics. We ate chili cheese dogs. Life is good.


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