Mar 17, 2007

Almost done unpacking and starting to relax

We are still getting unpacked here in Austin. Holly and I have pretty much unpacked the entire house except for the office. We've decided to give the office an Ikea makeover in order to make it more functional for two of us to work in. In the process of unpacking our stuff from Virginia back into the house, we've gotten rid of a lot of stuff. Holly says there are ten moving size boxes in the garage now that we'll be selling in a garage sale sometime soon.

The weather has been beautiful, even though we got quite a bit of rain early in the week. But Central Texas is already in a drought, so we really need it. The wild flowers are already starting to bloom, so maybe we'll get some nice pictures here in the next week or so, especially of the bluebonnets. We're getting to a point where we can relax a bit and enjoy our home. I sure have missed our home and am looking forward to spending the next month here.

Holly's dad is doing very well. He said he was going to go hunting with his grandson, William, but it has been so rainy that we haven't heard if that happened or not. Matt's mom, Sandy, is still undergoing chemo and is stable right now. Please keep praying for her cancer to keep dying off. And I am feeling very well. This time last year I was starting to walk again and getting good use of my arm. It is still hard for me to just comprehend what happened to me just one year ago. God is good. Lately though, I have been having weird twitching in my right foot around my big toe – which is where both of my past seizures started. It is just twitching of the tendons and muscles on the side of my foot, and my right toe also will twitch slightly to the left and back again. It is not like constant jerking activity, so I don't think it is seizure-like; but maybe healing in that area of my brain? I'm just not sure and am going to have to call my doctor and ask him about it. It is tolerable during the day, but is most noticeable at night when I'm laying in bed trying to fall asleep. I can just feel the twitching until I finally doze off. Please pray that it is nothing serious. That's all for now!

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