Mar 6, 2007

Off to Texas!

I wish we were "get up before the sun rises and be on the road before the crack of dawn" people... but we are not. No way. I don't think we ever will be. It's just shy of 8am and we'll probably be on the road through Nashville, Memphis, Little Rock and finally to Lufkin aroound 8:30am. I assume we'll be there around 9pm. The weather looks good - near 70 this afternoon en route... so I'm wearing shorts, but it's only 40 right now. I hate mornings.


Anonymous said...

Make it here safely and we are thinking of you during your drive today!!!


D. Wallace said...

We've driven through there before. ha! You guys are making me think of the drive from Colorado to Mississippi. It's long and you always know when you are getting close to Mississippi. I liked the last post, btw, about knowing you are in the south. That's good. hehe

Good luck with your trip. We'll be taking one ourselves next month!