Mar 3, 2007

Saturday Evening, March 3, 2007

Well, we’re still on the road. We have 147 miles left on I-40 then 198 miles after that. The driving is a little tough this time around. We’re pulling a bigger trailer this time and the hills and crazy strong winds are killing our speed and gas mileage. We won’t make it to Roger’s sister Mirna’s house until after 10:00 p.m. As I was driving I literally watched the gas gauge wind down. So far we have filled up two and a half times. Thank the Lord we saved some money on the trailer because we’ll be using it all for gas.

Roger’s driving now. I was a little nervous about letting him drive. It’s not that I think anything will happen, but I’m more concerned about what to do and what the end result would be if something did happen. So after three attempts to get some lunch (Sonic-power was out in town, Chick-fil-A sign led us to a mall, finally a Sonic that was open), I was frustrated and agitated, so I let Roger drive. Shortly after he began driving my eyelids started getting heavy and I felt myself get tired. Then I realized that I couldn’t sleep with him driving so I was only getting a little rest letting him drive. I’m going to be tired when we get to Mirna’s. I hope we can sleep in late. Roger slept for a bit maybe 30 minutes total while I was driving.

Starting out this morning was challenging. We left later than we wanted to due to all the things we had to get done. Then we noticed the back tires seemed lower than the day before. So we drove down the street to a convenience store with free air and filled them up. Thank goodness we did because when we got there the rear passenger tire looked scary low. After we got started on Hwy 66, we noticed that we now only had about half a tank of gas. All the running around we did on Thursday took more gas than we thought. So that meant we were going to have to stop sooner than we wanted. Then of course, our own selfishness got the best of us at times, so we weren’t having a ton of fun at first. But of course, we laughed at each other enough to get ourselves right. This doesn’t mean we haven’t had a challenge or two since, but adventure can’t be perfectly smooth.

Okay, more later. This is too long as it is for a moblog.

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