Mar 4, 2007

Safe in Clarksville, TN

We made it to my sister’s house in Clarksville, TN safe and sound. We pulled in at about 10:15 CST, we moved from Eastern time to Central time when we neared Nashville – so we gained a needed hour. It was kinda funny – we pretty much ate junky road food all day long – when my sister asked us if we were hungry we asked her, “Do you have any salad?” I ate a big salad, her Chinese leftovers and some fruit. We got to see Ariana and we’re headed off to bed. We ended up driving about 713 miles and averaged about 55 MPH – not too bad for driving about ten hours total.

We drove into a great sunset as we entered TN. Check out the pictures – it was quite stunning and seemed to go on for an hour as the colors just changed and changed.

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