Mar 7, 2007

Really... I mean REALLY sick

Holly’s sister’s kids woke us up this morning as they got ready for school. I decided to get up for a while and Heather was nice enough to make me a small breakfast. The kids left, and I went back to sleep around 8am and woke again around 11:30am. I decided to take a shower but my stomach felt bad. I took some Pepto and showered anyway. An hour later I felt even worse and took more Pepto. Then it hit me… hard. I must have gotten food poisoning from something at breakfast. Heather said her stomach was upset too and we were the only ones that ate eggs. I felt bad and Holly ran some errands with Heather. While they were gone, it got worse. From about 2pm to 7pm I think I threw up three times and had to use the restroom for other duties maybe ten times. Anyway, I haven’t had to visit the restroom for about three hours now, so I had a little bit of 7-Up, Jell-O and saltines. My stomach doesn’t feel 100% better, but I think the worst is over and if I can keep that little bit of food down, tomorrow should be better. So, our leaving tomorrow for Austin hinges on how I feel. I haven’t had much to eat today so I have no idea how I will feel tomorrow. We have another four hours of driving ahead of us and a stop halfway in Bryan to visit Holly’s dad. If we decide to head out, I hope this doesn’t reoccur on the road. Please pray for me and our safe passage to Austin. I’m going to brush my teeth and try to get some sleep.
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