Jul 26, 2008

How To Cook A Snake

No, we did not catch the snake and are not going to cook it... but on my Google home page I have the "How to of the Day" widget set up. And there are always interesting daily how to's. But it's just hilarious to me that a recent how to of the day was "How to cook a snake." Are you kidding me?! First of all, the timing is unbelievable. And second, what the heck?! How to cook a snake? Are they serious? Do they think a bunch of rednecks, hillbillies and hicks read articles on the internet to better themselves with wisdom and knowledge on topics such as culinary science! I can only imagine who submitted this one. I've seen some interesting how to's before, like how to fireproof your pants with a warning to not play with fire (How do you test it then?), but this one takes the cake, or snake I should say.

I'll end with Amanda's take on our snake situation with her rendition of a scene from Forest Gump:

"snake salad, snake gumbo, grilled snake, snake kabobs, roasted snake, snake on a stick, bbq snake, stir fried snake, snake fried rice, snake ice cream, snake cake, snake pie, snake soup, snake burgers, smothered snake, chicken fried snake, salisbury snake, snake n shake, snake fajitas, snake n eggs, snake burrito..."

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Anonymous said...

Probably all taste like chicken.