Jul 17, 2008

Sneaky Snake

Well, we finally got a good look at and a few pictures of the snake tonight. And we were able to find out what kind of snake he/she is, a Thamnophis marcianus also known as a Checkered Garter snake. Sweet! He was just hanging out between the house foundation and the patio waiting for bugs or geckos. He laid there while we took the pictures. I so wanted to try to grab him, but I'm glad I didn't after I read one of their defenses is to secrete feces which smells horrendous and takes a while to get rid of. Yucky! Maybe I'll try to trap him and keep him for a pet. Just joking! One website we read said it was an all around good snake to have in your yard. As long as I don't step on him accidentally walking out the back door, he can hang around as long as he likes. Until we put our house on the market in the future. Then I'll have to trap him and send him out to the country. I hope he ventures out to my back flower beds and eats some of those mice I've been seeing from our lazy neighbor's yard.

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