Jul 24, 2008

Waiting on Dolly

Well, Tropical Storm Dolly hit land yesterday afternoon on the coast of Texas around South Padre Island and is working it's way up the Rio Grande. It has made it to Laredo according to the news. I read it was a category 2 when it hit land and is the worst storm to hit that part of the Texas coast since the 1950s. They have been evacuating the coastal areas for a couple days. One report said an area north of Brownsville got 10 inches of rain. We, on the other hand, have received no rain so far. And when I say we, I mean our area of South Austin, our neighborhood, our street, our house. Other areas around us have received rain, but not us. Even Roger's work got a downpour yesterday afternoon and he assumed we also did here at home, but no. The chances of rain are higher today although the day is almost half way over and we haven't had any rain yet. The skies have been gray since yesterday afternoon. We are really hoping to get some rain from this tropical storm. For the rest of us in Central Texas, tropical storms and hurricanes are the only way we get any precipitation during the summer. And we need it bad.

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