Jan 6, 2009

Exciting Times

We are in the midst of very exciting times. First, Roger started his medicated eye drops today in preparation of his laser eye surgery on Thursday. He is super excited. I am excited for him also, but my excitement can not compare to his. He's been talking about how much easier life will be for him to not have to deal with glasses, contacts or eye exams and the like and being able to actually see clearly with no assistance. He can wake up in the morning and see as soon as he opens his eyes as compared to getting up and grabbing his glasses. Maybe this will speed up his getting ready time. We'll have to see about that.

Also, the appliances in the new house were installed last week. And they are awesome! Better than we expected. I guess what we ordered wasn't available any longer so we received different appliances. But it's okay because they are way better than what we ordered. The new house is getting so close to being done. They are working on their punch lists and finishing up all the details. We will have a walk through in about a week or so to give them some time to fix everything we've found to be deficient. We are so close there's only seventeen days until our closing. We can't wait! But on a sad note, we were informed yesterday our builder did another downsizing and laid off our construction manager Eric. So we are now on our third construction manager. Even though they say Austin isn't being hit as bad as the rest of the country with the economic downfall, obviously we're still being hit.


Cass said...

Even earthquakes don't get Roger out of the house quickly. I'm sorry to say, that laser eye surgery probably won't improve Roger's morning "me" time.

Congrats on the countdown! It's almost here, I'm so excited for you both!


Holly said...

tell me about it cassie. that boy never gets in a hurry. ever! you know him so well. :)