Jan 22, 2009

A Wake Up

I was going to post yesterday about there being only one more day and a wake up before we close on the new house, but I forgot in all my errand running, furniture picking up and appointments. So you'll have to settle with only a wake up left before we close on the new house. That's fine with me because we are very excited closing day is almost here. We are in week fifteen of the house build. They actually finished last week so it really only took fourteen weeks to build our house. Can you believe it?! Three and a half months. It went by so fast. We had the final walk-through this morning. And there is only one issue left to be resolved and it will be fixed in the next day or two. It might be fixed this afternoon since our construction manager Derek scheduled the electrician to come this afternoon. One of the pot lights in the kitchen was wired along with the pendant lights over the island which is not correct. But it should be an easy fix. There were a few paint touch-ups and the painter showed up as we were thanking Derek and leaving. They plan to clean the floors one more time this afternoon so they will be spic and span again. But the house looks great. We LOVE it. I should have taken some pictures but I forgot. I can't wait to move. We close at 10:00 a.m. tomorrow morning and then we are home owners once again.

Also while we were at the final walk-through this morning, Roger got a call from his radiation-oncologist with his MRI results from last Tuesday. Everything looks normal and shows no changes from his last MRI. So we're good to go for another six months. We knew it would be fine. Our God is good. I'll try to take some pictures tomorrow after we close but before we start doing anything to the house. I am planning to paint a wall tomorrow afternoon so it's dry for Roger to be able to install his surround sound speakers and TV wall mount Saturday. Super Bowl Sunday is almost here. We have to make sure that's all ready. :)

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