Jan 28, 2009

We’re Home

Its so nice to say that. We’re home. For good. It’s unbelievable and amazing. We spent our first night in the new house last night. We both slept so well and never woke up once. It might be because we're so exhausted. Our bodies are aching! And poor Roger has to go back to work today. I will be unpacking forever it seems. The packers packed boxes with lots of paper and the wardrobes only half full so we have tons of boxes everywhere. And although the movers were great, they could not help us unpack because all they do is take it out of the box and set it on the floors and counters. I felt like that wouldn’t really help me and it would be better to keep stuff in boxes and unpack as I go. I think stuff all over would overwhelm me. So our garage is full and we’re amassing large stacks of boxes and packing paper. I am so grateful for both the packers and movers. I’m heading back to the old house today to clean a little and take some furniture to a consignment store. Plus get some groceries! And I’ll be unpacking all day, every day.

It was interesting trying to decide what we should unpack first last night. Some people want kitchen done so they can cook soon, some think clothes should be first. We decided to unpack the clothes so we could get the wardrobes out of the way and Roger would have clothes for work today and late last night and this morning we figured out we probably should have unpacked bathroom stuff so we can take showers and get ready this morning. But thank goodness we packed an overnight bag for our last night at the old house. So we have just enough until I find the bathroom boxes and get them unpacked today. When you have someone else pack your stuff you have no idea what they put in each box or how they labeled it. One of the packer’s first language was not English so what she called rooms and items are not what we know them as so boxes were put in some rooms which actually should be in a different rooms. But we’ll get through it all. Remember my full time job is to unpack us. We are super happy we are moved. We are excited and amazed and it’s awesome! It really is hard to believe we’re here, done, in the new house. The build went by fast but now that we’re in it for real and there’s furniture to make it feel more like a home, it’s just crazy. Okay, I need to get going. I have tons of stuff to do today and there are only so many hours in the day. But I do have to wait for the freezing weather we got last night to slip away this morning so I can drive safely on the roads. You know Texas weather, wait five minutes and it will change.

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Anonymous said...

Hope you shifted your things safe. I too lived in Texas 7 years back,when we need to shift things to Paris(my husband go transfered) we really had a tuff time with the weather over there.So I can understand your difficulty.