Jan 16, 2009

One More Week

We have exactly one more week before we close on the new house. We are super excited. I think we are finally done purchasing items for the new house except Roger is still researching new switches so he can control the lights with his fancy universal remote. But other than that, we are ready. The landscaping and gutters went in Tuesday. They look very nice. I forgot to take pictures when we were there for our preliminary walk through with our new construction manager Derek Wednesday morning. It went very well. There are a lot of paint and drywall touch-ups. I think he noted more stuff than we did. Glad he's looking out for our best interest. We are going to stop by the house this weekend to pick a paint color for an accent wall in the family room. Then all we have to do is wait. Our final walk through is set for Thursday morning then we close on Friday. We have just been amazed at what God has given us. We know we don't deserve any of it, but we sure do appreciate it. So praise God.

Roger had his one week follow-up appointment after his laser eye surgery with Dr. Wong today. He has some dry spots on his right cornea, the same eye Dr. Wong had difficulty with during the surgery. So he has to continue using the steroid drops for another week. But other than that, his eyes are doing great. He's loving his new eye sight.

And I have a prayer request for my dad's health. He found out this week he is anemic. He's been really tired lately, more than usual. They prescribed him medication and hopefully he will feel better soon. My mom got a little scared this week, as did the rest of us. So please lift her up to the Lord also. Thanks so much for praying for my family. I hope everyone has a great weekend since many of you are off on Monday for Martin Luther King Day.

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