Jan 20, 2009

What A Day

What a historic day. I ended up watching all the inauguration festivities on television Tuesday even though I didn't plan on it. I don't usually turn the TV on during the day so I knew when I woke up I wouldn't remember and there would have to be something that reminded me it was inauguration day. But I awoke Tuesday morning to strange sounds and realized Roger had already turned on the TV. So even though I had a bunch of stuff to do it was really hard to not sit and watch everything. The coverage was good and we watched the Tom Brokaw commentated coverage so it was filled with history and good stories. The move estimator showed up just after Obama's speech so we didn't miss anything. That went smoothly since all he was there to do is see what we had so the packers brought everything they needed. And we got a few questions answered also. We set the DVR to record the CBS coverage because they were going longer to cover the parade since I was headed out for a swim. But since everything was already behind schedule, the DVR just missed the parade. It ended just when the first family entered the reviewing stand so we missed pretty much all of it. Oh well.

The day was beautiful and I had a great swim. I have to start training seriously again since triathlon season starts up here in a few months. And with all the walk-throughs, closings, packing and moving going on around here, I have to get in as much exercise as I can. As I finished my swim, I noticed a homeless lady I have seen before at the pool. A lot of homeless people shower there since it's a public pool. She sat at the bench right at the end of my lane and made a comment about the water temperature because her feet were so dry from wearing her boots 24 hours a day. So we started talking as I was getting out and drying off. I decided to just sit with her and listen. We talked for about thirty minutes before I started freezing because I was still soaking wet. It was about 60 degrees outside and very breezy. The water temperature was near 80 so it was really hard to get out. I enjoyed listening to her. I could tell she probably does not get to talk to people too often where they just listen. I struggle sometimes with if and when to give homeless people money. My usual philosophy is to not hand out money, but I always pray that God will tell me when and what I should do for others in need. I tried to not think about it too much while I was sitting with her and just listen to her and give her my ear. I do hope to see her again so I can build a relationship with her. Please pray for her and her husband who is having difficulty finding work.

So I would have to say it was a great day.

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