Jan 31, 2007

Christmas Day? and Looking Forward

Holly and I are still gearing up to head out March 3rd. I’ll be taking 40 days of leave and currently am scheduled to return to DC alone to out-process from my work and report to Walter Reed Army Medical Center (WRAMC). Next week I have an appointment with my Neurologist who is going to write up some Medical Evaluation Board (MEB) paperwork. When I go to WRAMC, they will likely transfer me to a Medical Hold Company and I’ll be at their mercy until they decide what to do with me. We hear the process could take anywhere from a month to three months to six months. We really have no idea at all. The obvious outcomes from the MEB are: they keep me in the Army with limitations and some type of disability, or they decide to medically retire me with some type of disability. I still don’t have full use of my right leg and I still have seizures, so I’m hoping they’ll give me some type of disability. As for staying in or out, I’m just not sure what I’d prefer yet. Anyway, there is a lot still up in the air, so stay tuned.

I did book a 7 day Western Caribbean cruise on Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines this week that Holly and I will be going on some time in March. We are really looking forward to that! It’ll be our first.

Christmas Day 2006 on FlickrAnd lastly, I finally posted pictures from Christmas Day. I’m kinda’ working backward, I guess. Not sure why, but it seems easier. As you know, Mirna, Joey and Ariana came to visit us. We opened presents in the morning and then headed over to our dear friend, Megan’s house, for some great fellowship. We ate, played games and had a gift exchange. It was tons of fun! Click here to see them: Christmas Day 2006.

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