Jan 9, 2007

Relief in sight?

I went to see a doctor today about my continuing crappy health. I got an Air Force doc today and was pretty happy with my experience this time around. She listened to all of my symptoms and past issues and thought hard about what could be going on. She took a look in my mouth and was astonished to my uvula was so swollen it was almost touching my tongue! Okay, that sounds pretty gross.. you know what a uvula is, don’t you? It’s that little thing that hangs in the back of the throat and looks like a punching bag. It it all swollen thanks to my post-nasal drip either caused by allergies or a cold. Anyway, this explains why I felt like there was a ball in my throat when I swallowed the night we went to the hospital and why I have been having trouble sleeping. The darn thing blocks my airway and is just a nuisance. She prescribed some 800mg ibuprofen tablets to help with the swelling and gave me a full ten day course of antibiotics just to make sure I don’t have anything. Like most doctors, she didn’t want to have to give me an antibiotic if I don’t need it, but in my case, she didn’t want to take anymore chances. They also did a blood test to make sure there’s nothing funky going on – the doc didn’t cal me today so I’m assuming there’s nothing to worry about there. Anyway, I still feel crappy but I’m hoping that tomorrow I’ll feel a lot better. I sure am sick and tired of being sick and tired!

On a more pleasant note… I did have a chance to have some fun this past weekend. Holly’s company has a suite at the Verizon Center and they occasionally have tickets available. She snagged a few to the Georgetown vs. Notre Dame basketball game there on Saturday. I snapped a few pics with my camera phone and posted them. They look okay for a phone cam. Click the picture to see the rest. The suite was nice… it had its own restroom, lots of locked cabinets where the good stuff is hidden, a nice sitting area, a bar sitting area and about 20 very comfortable stadium seats. Man, those things were the most comfortable seats in an arena I have even sat on! Anyway, the guys and I had a good time. Holly and I are going to check out a Wizards vs. Celtics game in a few weeks – should be fun!

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