Jan 24, 2007


Ha! Not us silly... my sister is having another baby! Today she is six weeks and six days (or so her doc says.) Mirna writes,

"Morning sickness this time around has been calm compared to 2 years ago when I was pregnant with Ariana, so I have to believe from a mothers intuition that this one is a boy. I feel great and only queasy at times and doesn't last to long, I pray it will stay that way. Please keep us in your prayers for a healthy pregnancy and for a job for Joey in Austin this Spring. Joey has decided to get out of the Army. His career has hit a brick wall and it's time to do something else. He was excepted by a Professional Recruiter named Cameron-Brooks, Inc. They work with only Junior Officers who are ready for a career change , they are based out of Fredericksburg, TX. We have a conference in Charlotte,NC in late March for 5 days and this will help in a lead for a job in TX (God Willing)."
Prayers for my sis would be appreciated.

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