Jan 11, 2007

Much Better

I felt much better today. I got a late start, but I really slept well (that's why I got a late start) and went to work and actually got some stuff done. Thank God! We're looking forward to the three day weekend. Holly and I need to go pick up a bunch of stuff that we took over to our friends John and Tamra's house while my sister was in town. Then we need to do some shopping and exchanging of gifts and maybe dinner with friends. It looks like Sunday and Monday might be rainy, so who knows what we'll do. The temps here have finally dropped to normal and we hear that they might get even colder in the next couple of weeks - we'll see. Maybe we'll finally get to see some darn snow.

My good buddy Ryan sent me a link to some pics he took of me, him and Matt O from the spring of 2005 when we went to a Beer Festival up in Maryland. Click here to check them out - pretty funny. By the way, the last few pictures look kinda gray like a storm was coming... it's because it was. We barely made it to the car before the skies opened. We drove him in a downpour. Ahhh... good times...

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Anonymous said...

Hello Sir, This evening I sent you some email by way of the link in your site.
I am grateful you are doing what you are doing. You exude positivity.
My hope is that is it always so, for a very long time.