May 8, 2006

Busy busy!!

I just love Mondays, don’t you? I have been able to slide into a somewhat regular schedule now that I know what the heck I need to do each day. Three days a week my schedule looks similar to this:
0600-0750 Wake, shower, eat breakfast
0750-0800 Walk to Physical Therapy
0800-0930 Physical Therapy
0930-0940 Walk home
0940-1000 Change clothes and get ready for the rest of the day
1000-1100 Metro to Medical Center (Bethesda NNMC)
1100-1110 Walk to NNMC
1110-1120 Check In at Radiation/Oncology and Wait
1120-1150 Radiation Treatment
1150-1220 Lunch
1220-1230 Walk back to the Metro
1230-1330 Metro to Anacostia
1330-1400 Take shuttle bus from Anacostia to Work
1400-1700 Work
1700-1800 Shuttle and Metro back home to Virginia Square
1800-2200 Eat, chill, spend time with Holly
2200-0600 Sleep!!

Okay, so not every day goes exactly like this, but I had to work out something that is close to this so that I know when to be where. Most days it goes nothing like this, trains run late, shuttle busses run extremely late! Sometimes I score a ride from someone and I am able to get to stuff quicker. I hate the fact that I have to spend about three to three and a half hours a day commuting, but that won’t last forever. But I do get to listen to some good music, read and do easy exercises (sitting down – the ones that are inconspicuous, ya know?) on the train. I do have some good news though… I found out last week that I will be working a good part of the time at the Pentagon as a Liaison between our Branch and the IT folks over there. This will make commuting much easier since there is a Metro station right at the Pentagon and I won’t have to wait for a shuttle bus. I think it will be easier on my body too. Plus, I’ll be closer to Holly’s work, only two stations! I’ll be going to the Pentagon for the first time tomorrow; I’ll let you know how that goes.

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Stay strong bro.