May 17, 2006

Pissed Off Follicles

I think hot water pisses off my hair follicles. This morning, when I first got in the shower and washed my hair, not a lot was visibly coming loose. By the end of the shower, when I did a final rinse, I ran my fingers through my hair and there was tons coming loose! It was a little freaky! All day I was finding my hair on my shirt, the newspaper I was reading, my desk – everywhere. Tonight, my head has been tingling like crazy! It’s as if I can feel every hair follicle giving up the battle to hang onto its hair and letting go one by one. I’m afraid to see what my pillow is going to look like in the morning. But, it’s a minor issue. The doctors have lowered the radiation field to avoid exposing my scalp to too much radiation. But I think the first two weeks have taken their toll. Its okay though, its just hair. If it does not grow back, I’ll have a line and a circle on the top of my head. Kind of like the Greek symbol for Omega (F, right?) I had a good day at work. I’m starting to understand my new role and am trying to get some work done. It is nice to be productive and work with people again.

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