May 23, 2006

New Hats

Well, Roger decided to get a new hat. Since he only owns baseball caps, he doesn't have a nice hat in the event he is dressed a little nicer and still needs to protect his head. So we did some research online to figure out what kind of hat he wanted. He couldn't make up his mind so I made it up for him. We looked online and around town and compared prices. He bought two skully caps to sleep in so he doesn't get hair all over the place. He thinks he's a brother now. He said he wanted to look like Vince Young. Then we found some Kangol ivy caps at a kiosk at the PX for $18. Way cheaper than a store or online. So Roger checked them out when we were there on Sunday, but he didn't try one on. He's very cautious about trying on hats because he doesn't want to put hair all over some one's products.

He thought about it some more and today after work we went to the PX so he could try one on and buy if he liked it. They were out of tan which is the color he would have preferred. So he settled on a gray one, after I made him try on baby blue and navy. He wouldn't even get close to the pink one. The boy just won't experiment. He bought it and while I was waiting I tried on a hat. I turned to show Roger and he loved it. So I got a new hat too. It's so cute and perfect for days when I'm too cute, uh, I mean, dressed up for a baseball cap. So here we are in our new hats from the balcony of our 12th floor apartment. Aren't we just the cutest. I think so too. See more pics at the Flickr link to the right.


Anonymous said...

Roger! You look like my grandfather! Which is really weird. Must be the hat. :)

Anonymous said...

I didn't know you were FRENCH. Hope everything is going great.
Thinh about you everyday.
Gaylen & Shawn

Anonymous said...

Hey! Don't let that Canadian (read: not good enough to be actually French) call you French. Everyone knows you're Puertomanian.
I love the hat! Yours, too, Holly!
Miss ya bad^3,

D. Wallace said...

Fabulous, just fabulous. Holly, I think I'll take you hat shopping with me. I always look like a boy when I wear hats, so I tend not to wear them.

I'd give them 4 stars.

Anonymous said...

dahlings, you look mahvulous!