May 20, 2006

The Results

Okay, don’t scroll down and look at the picture yet. Read the explanation first.

Last night after we helped move a couch to the community house for the Brazil Mission Trip garage sale and helped Laura and Amanda price garage sale items, we got home pretty late, after midnight. Roger really wanted me to cut his hair and realized we were not going to have a chance any other time this weekend. So he asked me if I’d do it then. He set everything up and I proceeded to cut his hair.

I started with the #2 guard and just cut the top. It didn’t take all the hair out. It just cut what it was supposed to cut. We were surprised and relieved. He looked at it in the mirror for a while debating with himself out loud whether we should just go further. He decided to just go all the way. So then we used the #1 guard all the way out on top. It was short. I used no guard all the way out on the sides and the #1 all the way in to fade the top. It was short but looked fine.

Then he took a shower and washed his head to get all the hair off his body. He opened the shower curtain and lightly patted his head with the towel to dry it. I looked up when he pulled the towel away and saw that a lot of hair had come out. I could see an outline of a square on his head more on the right side. I told him and he looked in the mirror using the medicine cabinet mirror to be able to see it. Yep, there was a lot more gone. Oh well we said. I put the ointment on his head that ONC gave him for the itching. It was thick and oily. I got it everywhere he said it itched.

We woke up this morning and there was hair on his pillow like every morning this week. But they wouldn’t come off because of the ointment. Then he saw that there were loose hairs all over his head. So he decided to rinse his head to get them off because they were stuck on his head because of the ointment. That didn’t work. So he decided to wash his head. Maybe the shampoo would take the ointment off and the hairs would fall off. Just more loose hairs. So he washed it again this time better and with more lather. He patted his hair dry and I was like, WOAH! A lot of hair came out. The square was even more visible.

At first I thought he was going to freak out. But he didn’t. He has decided now that he wants to watch it this week and if more hair comes out he wants to shave his whole head with the #1 guard all the way out. Fine with me. What ever makes him comfortable. This will be the only time he’ll have an excuse to shave his head.

Okay, you can look at the picture now.

2006-05-20, 2nd haircut

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