May 16, 2006


It has been another interesting day. I went off to PT at 0800. I had PT late yesterday so this morning’s workout was tough. I learned some new exercises that work on improving my motor coordination and speed. They involve jumping and lots of sweat – it was fun though. After that I headed over to NNMC for my radiation and visit with the doctor. They gave me some stuff to put on my scalp to try to reduce the itchiness. I had a nice lunch at the cafeteria and then decided to go up to the ICU to see if I could find the nurse that I remembered. She was a little Asian lady named Siri, but she would not cut be any slack – I remember that and I think she made me not want to give up.

I walked up to the ICU and into the area I remember. I asked if she was working and they said she was eating lunch right around the corner. I walked around the corner and I saw her sitting there. She immediately looked up, lowered her bowl from her face and her jaw dropped and then slowly smiled. It was an awkward reaction to me, but a pleasant one! She remembered me immediately and was so taken aback that we hugged almost without saying anything. It was nice to see her again and to be able to thank her for giving me a hard time. She remembered my stay, even though it was over two months ago and after she’s treated many other patients. She asked about my mom, dad and Holly’s mom and wanted to know how I recovered so quickly. I told her about all the awesome people at NRH and all our friends and family who supported us through this. It was just wonderful to see her again – what a blessing. I just need to get in touch with my OT and PT at NNMC and I’ll be a happy camper.

On the way back south on the metro, I started feeling very tired. I almost fell asleep a few times on the train, which is rare for me right after noon. I decided I had better head home, especially since the doctor told me today to not overdo it. I called work, told them I wasn’t coming in and sat on the sofa. I think I fell fast asleep for about 15 minutes. I awoke and went to bed where I slept for another four hours. Either the radiation is starting to take its toll on me already, or I was just exhausted from the long day Monday and the early PT today – or a combination of everything. I’m tired again and need to get back to bed so that I can work a few hours tomorrow.

One last thing – I finally posted a few pics that Kezia took a few weeks ago while at Physical Therapy. They’re just some pics of me doing my workout. Click here to check them out. Lastly, Kezia took some video that day too. You can watch it below or click here to view it. I was undergoing electrical stimulation to try to get my ankle to move. Keep an eye on the tendon that goes from the foot to the leg. When the juice kicks on, the tendon pops out. I am trying to lift my toes off the ground. Looks like fun, eh? I'll have some other pics and videos up soon.

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