May 3, 2006

Radiation Annihilation!!

Okay – so it has been a pretty busy week. Three days a week I have to walk a few blocks to be at physical therapy for an hour and a half of what lately has been very tiring work. But I am not complaining… I need it and it’s all good. I have to walk back home and gather my things for the hour metro trip to NNMC for my radiation. I may or may not eat a pretty darn good lunch for a couple of bucks and then I have to metro to work another hour to work, take a shuttle bus (which is not timely) and try to get some work done. Then hop on the shuttle again for another long metro ride home. I was lucky enough to score a ride from Kezia today, but trying to pin down a constant schedule has been a challenge. Every day has been different, and that is tiring in itself. I am trying to work out a more normal schedule that makes everyone happy. But right now, it’s a little confusing and I am relying heavily on Outlook and my Cingular 2125 Windows 5.0 SmartPhone to keep me on track. Thank goodness for technology!

On another note, my surgery was two months ago today (Mar 3) and I’m feeling great! I really am doing quite well. The radiation is going fine – the sessions actually only last about ten minutes. It takes me much longer to get there and wait for them to call me back than it does to do the treatment. I saw the radiologist’s report from the planning MRI I had a few weeks ago and it appears that the sliver of whatever they see (could be scar tissue or tumor that was left behind) has grown. How much? I’m not sure, but it is not significant. And, the radiation therapy should kill off any remaining tumor, if there is any left behind. So, we’re going down the right path and I’ve put this squarely in God’s hands. I’m just going to stay as healthy as possible during the therapy. I’m going to continue to go to Physical Therapy, start riding my bike (on the trainer which I recently bought, not outside yet) and eat healthy too. My body needs as much help as possible to combat the effects of the radiation so that it can rebuild damaged cells and teach them how to do their job. I just want to make sure that only tumor cells are being annihilated, not the good ones! :-P

That’s all for now… Sorry we haven’t been posting a lot this week, but getting back into a routine where I am out of the house this much has been taxing and tiring. When I get home, I just want to drink some cool water and rest with my one and only, my Holly. I’ll try to get some more new pics and videos up soon.


Anonymous said...

You had to look up how to spell "annihilated", didn't you? Go ahead, you can admit it. :)

It's so good to see you and Holly all happy again. It's obvious that you both have experienced renewed joy. And everyone loves renewed joy.

Anonymous said...

Phil 4:13 "I can do everything through HIM who gives me strength" Holly & Rog...reading your blog gives me strength and makes me proud to call you friends!!Keep up the great work and our prayers are plentiful...Hugs The Teykl's