Apr 11, 2006

Another buck passed!.. and chance of a move?

Ugh. That’s all I have to say. It has been a heck of a day. After my last post, I washed dishes, cleaned the humidifier, made some more phone calls and took some phone calls. I did get a call back from my doctor at Bolling and they basically said that my neurosurgeon would have to do the paperwork. Unfortunately, I won’t see Dr. Rosenbaum until next Tuesday, so the paperwork will sit on a desk until then. If we cannot get the paperwork completed, two things might happen: we’ll have to pack up and head back to Texas, or I’ll be transferred to a medical hold company at Walter Reed. Both of those will require us to move out of the apartment during the last weekend of March. If you can help, please keep Saturday, March 29th open, just in case. I’m hoping we won’t have to do that, but we need to be prepared.

I do understand that if we get the paperwork squared away, it can be pushed through before May 2 for approval. This is the goal. My branch chief at work is willing to get us to that goal and wants the best for me and Holly. Even though I have not interacted much with them, my work has been extremely supportive and helpful during this entire time. I appreciate their willingness to do what they can to get me back to work to begin to lead a normal life again, while looking out for my back. Thanks again guys, you’re the best.

So, I went ahead and cancelled the appointment at Walter Reed for Wednesday, because I think they are just going to give me the run around again anyway. Please pray that all this works out and the paperwork is approved. At least I can stop worrying about this for the rest of the week and relax and focus on my physical therapy and the associated exercise. Speaking of… I just finished about an hour of exercises and my right hip it exhausted! I am able to move my right ankle much more, with less thought and also up against gravity! This is very exciting to me. Hopefully soon I’ll be able to use it while walking and I can toss the AFO.

My arm is growing stronger everyday. Unfortunately, with all this running around, I have not been able to do any exercises with it. I know that I am typing better, but I keep missing keys or double tap keys. Thanks goodness I use Word to type these and then post them to the blog. I am able to write a little better, but it is still a little shaky. Just practicing that will help improve writing – hopefully I can do that tomorrow.

My leg is also getting stronger. I am finally able to get into the tub by just stepping over it and I don’t have to sit on the transfer bench and swing my legs over and in. And I am also able to get into vehicles much easier too. The newest development, beside the ankle, is my new ability to extend my leg out straight from being bent at the knee while my leg is resting on the bed or sofa. For a long time I had to hook my left foot under my right foot and drag it straight, now I can do it myself. It is amazing – the little things that we take for granted in life.

My diet has returned to normal and I do not have to take any acid reducing medicines like I was in the hospital. I’m only taking my anti-seizure medication, Keppra 500mg, two times a day. I was able to do about 30 sit-ups the other night pretty easily. I didn’t want to kill my abs, but they hurt anyway. Push-ups are still hard, thanks to my arm not being 100% yet, but I was able to do about 25 on my knees before I decided to stop as to not overdo it. I’m getting better and stronger everyday. BTW – the weather here in DC has been absolutely fabulous! Highs have been in the 70’s and it is nice and dry. I wish I could get out and enjoy it, but I’ll have to settle for opening all the windows and feeling the breeze through the apartment. Holly and I plan to start walking after work to increase my stamina – I’m looking forward to those when we can find the time to do it. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. Keep on praying for that pesky paperwork and for my leg to continue to get better!

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