Apr 13, 2006

Incredible Toes!

Wow! What an incredible day! Kezia and Su picked me up for lunch and we ate at a great Italian place in Clarendon (Can’t remember the name.) After that, Kezia and I went back to NRH to visit a few friends I made there, to return their AFO and to say hello to some of the staff. I was also able to show off my new ability to pretty much walk without a cane! Needless to say, they were impressed with my progress only being home just over a week! Kezia took some wonderful pictures that I’ll post over the weekend with great captions. I’ll let you know when I get them up. It was really nice to see all those wonderful people again.

After that, Kezia dropped me off at Holly’s work to hang for a while. I took my shoe off to let it relax a little since the new AFO is a little tight, and as I was sitting there, I was messing around with my ankle again, trying to get it to move more. As I was sitting there, thinking… mooove ankle… my toes moved! ALL of them! (My friend Irene reminded me of that scene in Kill Bill 2 – funny how similar.) They do this strange wave motion, it’s all I can do with them, but for crying out loud, I wasn’t even trying and there they went! It was quite a shock to me and very exciting at the same time. I am almost able to move my ankle while I am standing – just my toes come up now. But another development I discovered – I can stand on my tip toes for quite a long time now and I can also stand and raise my foot back, bending at the knee to bring my foot almost to my rear. I don’t think I was able to do that earlier this week. All these little things just tickle me to death. I just love the improvement that I see everyday. It really shows me God’s healing power. So, back to the evening… we headed off to Jaleo in Crystal City to have dinner with one of Holly’s coworkers, Janine. I’ll have a pic of them up this weekend too.

Tonight I finally managed to complete and e-file Holly’s Virginia state taxes and our Federal Taxes. It sure feels nice to have those out of the way. Her state taxes threw me for a loop, but thanks to TurboTax online (free for military thanks to MilitaryOneSource.com) I completed them and scratched that off my list. With the taxes done, I can go to bed now. I started working on them and decided that I wasn’t going to go to bed until they were done. I hope I didn’t make any mistakes!

Okay… I’ll post the pics from today this weekend. Check back soon to see them!

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