Apr 19, 2006


Oh boy – I finally made some progress. It is late and I’m tired, so I’m gonna keep this short. Holly dropped me off at the Bolling AFB clinic a little after 8am and I spent about two hours there trying to get the form filled out by my doctor and also to get my leave extended another week and a profile to prevent the Army from making me do physical activity until I get stronger. Someone from the reserve office at work was coming to the clinic so they gave me a ride back to work. I got to work and had issues getting a new badge since mine expired. The computer system was down, so I settled for a temporary badge and will get a permanent one when I go back to work. I made it upstairs to the reserve office and presented the paperwork to the person that is going to move my extension packed forward. This person then called a colonel somewhere and read them the letter my doctor wrote. From what I heard, I gathered that this person is the one that insisted that we have this medical paperwork included because the colonel basically said that it looks like I am going to be fine and nothing medical needs to be included. This wasn’t enough though… the person then went to their boss, another colonel, who pretty much said the same thing. So, this medical paperwork that I have been running around like crazy for, not getting rest, stressing out and hampering my recovery was never required by anyone but this person. After hearing that it is not required, this person then said that I needed to have someone in my chain of command email them to say that they are aware of the situation and that they approve my extension request. To me, it looks like this is not a case of covering all the bases or taking care of me, but rather an attempt to cover thy rear. It ticks me off that everything was delayed two weeks because of one person, but they said the packet will go forward and will be approved in a few days. They see no reason it should not be approved. So, with that said, everything looks good for us to stay in DC for an additional 180 days past May 2. That will probably keep us here through September 2006. I’m going to fill out the lease paperwork tomorrow and fax it back so that we can keep the apartment. It is a relief to know that everything is going to work out fine – I was starting to get very stressed about this whole situation. I’ll let you know when we get the final orders.

With that resolved, I did go into the office today and it was good to get back in there. I am scheduled to return to work on a limited duty basis starting next Thursday, April 27. I’ll most likely start out working half days or from home depending on by current projects.

I have a simulation scheduled for Radiation treatment at Bethesda NNMC on Friday and an MRI on Monday to help with the Radiation planning. I’ll probably start Radiation in May. When that starts, I think that I’m going to go to Physical Therapy in the mornings, go to work, and then go to Radiation in the afternoon. It is going to be busy, but it will only be for six weeks and then we should be out of the woods with this tumor! Come July, things should slow down.

Also, we got the pathology report from AFIP confirming the diagnosis of the tumor. Click the images below for larger versions so that you can see it for yourself.

And on a lighter note, here’s a shot of me and Dr. Rosenbaum at his office on Tuesday. It sure was good to see him again.

And lastly, I was so tired today after getting home from running around that I got home, sat on the edge of the bed, called to cancel my physical therapy appointment, laid back with my feet still on the ground and fell asleep. I was exhausted! I wonder what it’s going to be like when I go back to work.

Again, thank you for checking in and praying for us. I’m feeling a lot better today and I hope I can relax and concentrate on resting for the next week now that this paperwork is out of the way. Just pray that it is approved and keep on praying for my foot! So much for a short post.


D. Wallace said...

Congratulations on the progress that was made. I'm keeping you guys in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

wow...lots of stuff going on. glad things are progressing and i'm keeping good thoughts about your hips and "stuff". :0

i esp like the history in the letter: "31 y.o. white mail with right uppper extremity jerking." nice.