Apr 16, 2006

Happy Easter!

I know I said I would post pictures from last week over the weekend, but I just was never able to get to it. Monday and Tuesday look like they are going to be pretty busy days with lots of appointments too, but I’ll try to get them posted soon. Keep checking back.

I hope you had a great Easter! Holly and I went to church, and then had a great lunch with about 18 friends at Silver Diner. Then my good friend Ryan and I hung out for a while and had some coffee at the Java Shack. I love iced coffee on a warm spring day! It was nice to hang out with a good friend and do something out of the house. I feell like life is getting back to normal!

After coffee, Holly and I went over to Amanda’s for Easter dinner with a few other folks. We finished off the evening by playing Uno and Spoons. Both games were good Occupational Therapy for me!

I have been trying to hold my leg out in front of me as if I am taking a step and trying to raise my foot at the ankle so that my heel hits the ground first. Currently, when I walk without a brace, my foot just clomps flat to the ground since I can’t control my ankle. Today I am finally able to move my foot at the ankle just a bit in this position. I think I’ll be able to walk comfortably without a brace very soon. I’m very excited about this as this is a big step in my recovery; to be able to walk without a cane or a brace comfortably. I am working hard toward it and can’t wait! Keep praying for the leg and for the paperwork to be signed Tuesday! Have a great Monday.

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