Apr 24, 2006


We had a great weekend. It rained almost all day Saturday though. We did manage to get out and have lunch with Su and Kezia. We went to this Italian restaurant called Tutto Bene. They are an Italian restaurant but also serve Bolivian food on the weekends. We actually ordered from the Bolivian menu and everyone got something different. I think everyone was quite pleased and we each tried each other’s dishes. I had my leftovers yesterday and they were wonderful. After that, we went over to the Java Shack for a pick me up and then to Whole Foods where Holly was able to find her anchovy paste for her excellent Cesar Salad dressing. Here’s a phonecam shot of the ladies enjoying their beverages (click it for a larger version.)

While roaming around the Whole Foods, I noticed something that reminded me of a "vegetarian" friend back in Austin, my former co-worker and good friend Jill. There’s something about the name Tofurky that just reminds me of her… Maybe it was the way she used to say it: Toe-FUR-key! We used to have many a conversation where I would try to talk her out of being a veggie-head – she would say things like, “Why eat meat when there are great substitutes like Tofurky?!?” Why? Because that’s just nasty. I’d like a steak, medium-rare please.

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Anonymous said...

What??! And miss out on the delightful ToJerky, too? You must be MAD!