Apr 30, 2006

MP3 File from Sunday now available

The MP3 file of the testimony that Holly and I gave today is now available at our church's website: http://www.trygrace.org/message.html. Look for the message titled 04/30/06: Finding Peace in the Midst of Worry under the section How God Meets Our Deepest Needs. Click the headphone icon to download the MP3 file. You may need to right-click the icon and click Save Target As and save it to your desktop. It's from the second service, which is a good thing since we were a bit more relaxed and I think it went much better than the first. You can also download the sermon notes and study questions by clicking the document icon. BTW - the picture we are talking about where I looked pathetic is this one. Let us know how you enjoyed the message - leave a comment!


Anonymous said...

You sound good. I liked hearing your voice and knowing you have peace with all this.

D. Wallace said...

Wow, it was great to listen to everything you and Holly had to say. You will probably never know how great of a blessing you and Holly are to people everywhere that read this blog and have listened to you speak.

You guys are awesome!