Apr 30, 2006

MP3 File from Sunday now available

The MP3 file of the testimony that Holly and I gave today is now available at our church's website: http://www.trygrace.org/message.html. Look for the message titled 04/30/06: Finding Peace in the Midst of Worry under the section How God Meets Our Deepest Needs. Click the headphone icon to download the MP3 file. You may need to right-click the icon and click Save Target As and save it to your desktop. It's from the second service, which is a good thing since we were a bit more relaxed and I think it went much better than the first. You can also download the sermon notes and study questions by clicking the document icon. BTW - the picture we are talking about where I looked pathetic is this one. Let us know how you enjoyed the message - leave a comment!
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