Apr 11, 2006

Only spare change passed thus far..

I don’t feel as if though I’ve been productive today. I did a lot, but still have no results. Rex picked me up at 9am and we headed over to Bolling AFB to see my doctor. After they called me to the back, I explained the situation and the 1LT was very sympathetic and left the room to ask some questions of her superiors (I guess.) After returning twice for more information from me, an hour and fifteen minutes had gone by. Since she is now my primary doctor, she had a lot of questions about medical review boards and such – basically, why hadn’t one been conducted yet. The truth was, I had no idea what she was talking about. I don’t work in the medical field – if this stuff was supposed to happen, someone else was supposed to get the ball rolling. Anyway, she said she would make some phone calls in the afternoon and promised to call me by 3:30pm. She did give me the numbers of the folks over at Walter Reed in the medical evaluation department, but when I called, I learned that at 1pm, everyone was at lunch and I should call back in an hour. If that happened at most places where I have worked, someone would have been fired. I feel like I am wasting time trying to track someone down to fill out this sheet of paper rather than exercising like I am supposed to do to get better! Eeesh. More later…

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Anonymous said...

From: teej

I just watched the video of you walking: Awesome! I'm following your progress daily on the blog - what a blessing for us to be able to keep up with what's going on.
I thank God for healing you. He will continue to work out the details of paperwork and such.
Not to worry. Hey, we are very close to adopting a sibling group of 4 kids - 3 girls and a boy. I'll let you know how it goes. It still could fall through...
Love ya bro! Tell Holly we love her too and miss you guys bad!
teej, Joy, Eddie, Ryli, Jose?, Ana?, Jennifer? and Maria?