Apr 25, 2006

New Video: First Finger Movement

Hi y'all - we have unearthed some never before seen video from the vault. Well, actually, it was on Kezia's camera and I forgot she had this. She was finally able to get a copy to me. This is video taken on Tuesday, March 14. The day after Cassie left and the morning that I was transferred to NRH. Kezia came to spend some time with me and I was trying to get my hand to move by throwing the brain squishy ball into it. We also tried to run a towel through my hand to see if I could grip it. I thought I saw movement and tried to move something on my own. Low and behold, my thumb moved! This was the very first movement in my arm and you are seeing it as we did for the first time. I was very surprised and relieved, as you can tell. It was a lot of work and took lots of concentration just to get it to move that little bit. You'll be able to tell how much work it took for my by my reaction, grunting and body movements. Thanks to Kezia for being quick on the draw with the camera and thanks to all of you for checking in. See the video below or click here to watch it.

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Anonymous said...

You know, that is SO COOL to see and be able to share that moment with you, but I have to admit that for those of us who have watched from afar, it's still freaky and, frankly, upsetting to see it. I'm just glad that it's old news now, as it were. Thanks for posting and letting us in on these really cool milestones...I'm so excited and proud of you for your hard work!!