Jun 13, 2006

Four treatments left

Sorry for not posting sooner this week – I have been pretty tired and just don’t have the energy to sit in front of the computer. For those of you that really know me, that means there really must be something wrong. :-s I’m just fatigued, that’s all. I’m doing well. Today the radiation field was made smaller – I thought it was going to be cut in half, but they only cut it down by 1cm in diameter. I’m not too worried about it now – I just want to get through this week and then next Monday is my last treatment. Then all I have to do is physical therapy and eventually get back to work. My days are so long now on the days that I have PT and RT, so long that I don’t really look forward to them. They just tire me out – so I’m going to get to bed.

1 comment:

D. Wallace said...

Still thinking about you both and praying for you! You are going to make it through the last few treatments and get all that energy back.

I believe it.