Jun 18, 2006

One treatment left!!

Tomorrow (Monday) is my last radiation therapy appointment. This will be treatment number 33. I’m pretty excited about it! This is a big milestone for me against this tumor. Holly and I are planning to go together so that we can talk to the doctors together and snap a few photos – and thank the staff too. It’s not like we won’t see them again in the future, because we’ll probably see them in a month, but it’s a milestone dang it!

The weekend was fun for the most part. Friday night was our friend Jana’s birthday party. There was a good turnout and it was pretty fun. I got a really bad suit at Goodwill and a wig – it was terrific. Click here to see the pictures I have posted for your viewing pleasure. Compliments are welcome.

Saturday was not so great; for Holly, at least. She started to come down with a cold late in the week and it really hit her Saturday morning. I went to a church board meeting at 10am and then met with Pastor John and a few other folks and then we went to lunch. I called Holly and brought her lunch and we just chilled out all afternoon. Then we ordered some bad Chinese delivery (the food had no flavor – they claim to not use MSG, they must not use salt either.) We watched Madagascar on HBO (cute movie) and went to bed. This morning we got up in time for church, but Holly was coughing and had a really runny nose and we agreed it would be best if she stayed home to rest more and prevent spreading her cold to anyone. I came home right after church and we went to the Commissary for some items and came home again. She got a nap and I watched some cycling on TV and worked on fixing the laptop. We just got back from Silver Diner for a late dinner and boy did it hit the spot!

I have been a software beta monkey lately. I got a hold of Windows Vista and Office 2007. Windows Vista is the new version of Windows that is coming out next year. It is very pretty and looks like a souped up version of Windows XP. But it just didn’t run very well on my laptop and I had to put Windows XP back on it. I also have installed Office 2007 which has a whole new interface. It looks pretty good and well thought out. And to round out the beta train, I installed Internet Explorer 7 and Media Player 11 on the laptop too. I’m not going to go on about all that, because I know it will put you to sleep. But it is cool to me. Oh… and Google finally decided they would provide picture hosting of some type. I am all over that one and the pictures above are on their new system. Okay – now that you are asleep, I’m going to sleep too.

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