Jun 8, 2006

Good Days

After my bad day, I realized and friends reminded me that all that crappiness took place on 06.06.06. Yes, I’m sure that devilish devil was all over me that day. The next day went better. Actually, as I was leaving Bethesda Wednesday, I saw a slew of news vehicles setting up shop just inside the entrance. I figured that it was the media covering Kimberly Dozier’s return to the US after the roadside bomb incident in Iraq that killed two of her colleagues and one soldier. When I got home an hour later, I turned on the news and there she was at Bethesda. You know, she could pretty much be treated anywhere she wants. But she is sticking with Bethesda – they are a darn good hospital.

Today was good too. Nice hard PT and easy RT. I don’t have PT tomorrow… I’m going to try to get to RT early so that I can get to work to take care of some paperwork. And get home to rest ASAP. I’m looking forward to resting this weekend to prepare for next week – the most intense week of my radiation yet.

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Anonymous said...

Stay stong brother. I am thinking about you.