Jun 25, 2006

Wet Weekend and a Surprise

It has been a fun but wet weekend. We started off Friday by having dinner at Harry’s Tap Room in Clarendon for Holly's half-birthday. As always, it was delicious and we had a great time. Saturday morning, Holly was up early, but I slept in until 1230. It is a good thing she finally woke me up – we went to bed a little after midnight the night before. Who knows how much longer I could have slept! I guess I was pretty tired.

We had to go shopping for a few things at the PX and Commissary again and while we were there we saw our friend Ruben. We know Ruben from church and he is in the Old Guard at Fort Myer. He recently completed training and is now working in the caisson platoon. A very prestigious job, in my opinion. We talked for a while and he agreed to pick us up and give us a ride later in the afternoon since there was a threat for rain and the truck can’t get wet until Monday. We went back home and prepared a salad and Ruben picked us up so that we could head out to a farewell picnic for our dear friends Su and Dan. Dan recently accepted a job in NYC and has been living there for a month or two now. Su finally finished up at work and their condo is under contract – so she is set to head up there to be with Dan next week. The rain held off and we had a great time in DC at a nice shady park next to the Potomac River.

We came back home to prepare for another event. Luckily for us, it was in the club room of our own building. Our friend Jonathan threw a surprise half-birthday party for his girlfriend of five years, Ericah. You see, Ericah is a Christmas Eve baby, just like Holly, and has never had a birthday party of her own. So, Jonathan threw her one. He enlisted the help of some of her best friends to take her out to dinner. Then they lured her up to the club room by telling her that a friend they all had in common was having a get-together in the room. Anyway, they were successful in getting her up to the room, we all hid around the corner and when she walked in we all yelled surprise. But Jonathan had another surprise for us all, he then said there was another surprise coming and asked her to cover her eyes. Then he dropped to one knee and when she looked he had a beautiful diamond engagement ring at the ready. He proposed, and of course, she said yes! It was a shocker for all of us, but we enjoyed every minute of it. I was going to take some pictures, but I was so far away, I decided to take video instead. So, I got it all on my camera. Check it out below!

Oh yeah… I shaved my head again on Saturday. But not with just the clippers, this time we went all the way – Gillette baby! Holly did the honors the first time just so we could check out the results and so that I wouldn’t maim myself. It looks pretty good and feels… interesting. I’m going to have to shave it everyday if I want to keep that slick look. I do have hair growing on the back of my head, so I’m going to need to maintain it to have an even look until the hair everywhere else starts growing again and then I’ll let it grow. I’ll take some pics and let you know how it goes.

Okay – so it has been raining pretty much all night. Our cable was knocked out by the storm, which also took out our internet. So, I hooked up my cell phone to my laptop, installed some software, changed some settings, and viola!.. I’m back online. I’d love to share the pics from both parties this weekend and of my new shiny head, but he speed is limited and all I can do it post. I’ll get those up later this week. Have a great Monday!

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