Jun 5, 2006

Simple Day and IMPLOSION!!

Today was a simple day. I had two hours of PT early this morning. PT is getting so physically demanding, and it is getting so warm, that I have to come home to shower before I head out for RT. This makes the time between appointments longer, but it have to do it. I have been struggling with trying to get in everything that needs to be done as quickly as possible... PT, RT and work. I have come to the conclusion that I just can't do it. I can't keep forcing myself to go faster just to get everywhere. My body is not going to tolerate it these next few weeks and I need to take it easy and rest as much as possible. I'll go to work if there is enough time to be there for a few hours, but I'm not going to "make an appearance" for a just a couple of hours. The days I only have RT I might be able to squeeze in a few hours of work, but we'll see. I'm having a hard time letting go - I could really use some prayer in this area of my life right now. After today I only have ten radiation treatments left - woo hoo! I hope to be done with PT at the end of June.

I have an appointment with a Urologist tomorrow (Tue) just to rule out anything down there. I'm confident that everything is fine, but please also pray about that for me.

Here's the implosion video from Sunday that I promised. Click here to see it in a bigger window or watch it below. I'd personally watch it in a bigger window and crank up the sound too. Enjoy!

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